Defying stereotype, Many Millennials Avoid Job Hopping

Dallas Morning News business reporter, Hanah Cho, recently wrote an article about millennials who are defying the "job hopping" stereotype and instead, are still in their first jobs since graduation. Hanah spoke with four different millennials to get insight on why they have stayed with their first employer. C. Pharr Vice President, Leah Ekmark Williams is one of those millennials. Below is an excerpt from Leah's interview. And, if you want more insight of how this article came to be, read Leah's blog which outlines her strategy for pitching the millennial trend:

Likewise, public relations executive Leah Ekmark Williams sees a long-term career path at C. Pharr & Co., a public relations and marketing firm in Dallas.

In an industry where there’s frequent job churn among young professionals, Williams is unusual, having been at the firm since she was 23. She is now 32 and the company’s vice president.

Williams didn’t plan to stay this long. “I had no intention of [C. Pharr & Co] being my first and only job for the rest of my life.”

The plan was to spend three to four years on the first job and then move to California.

At around the three-year mark, firm founder Cynthia Pharr Lee made Williams an attractive offer: Stay on to become a partner and eventually take over the business.

Click here to read the full interview with Leah and other millennials who have stayed put at their first jobs...

Cynthia Pharr Lee and Leah Ekmark Williams
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