RETC (Real Estate Tax Consultants) – Differentiate to Grow Business

Dallas-based RETC (Real Estate Tax Consultants), a 26-year-old property tax consulting firm, was intent on energizing its business processes and marketing efforts as it transitioned to second generation management. A leader in the property tax consulting industry – evident from its rapid growth and success in previous years – RETC was ready for its transformation and began looking for ways to communicate its recent rebranding and expanded capabilities to targeted and prospective clients. RETC needed a strategic partner that could deliver a focused communications program parallel to the firm’s growth. 

Dala Communications Solution
As a starting point, Dala Communications fine-tuned key messages, shaping a multitiered communications campaign around this new messaging to better communicate RETC’s more institutionally focused second generation of leadership and propelled growth. Backed by a long history of working with commercial real estate media, Dala contacted local and national business and trade reporters to start planting the seed for RETC to be called upon as the journalists’ expert resource for trend and breaking news stories. This initial pitching strategy kicked off RETC’s thought leadership program helping the firm stand out among competitors in the crowded commercial real estate tax market.

Another component of this multilayered communications approach centered around industry blogging. Dala secured ongoing expert blogging opportunities in various vertical outlets to further build upon RETC’s thought leadership program. This clear, consist messaging ensured RETC remained top-of-mind with current and targeted prospective clients throughout the year instead of just once a year, during the property tax protest period. Building upon this momentum, Dala worked directly with national media to secure bylined columns for RETC’s leadership, enabling RETC’s message to be carried into markets outside of Texas. 

Dala also worked with RETC to optimize its current sponsorship packages and speaking engagements, repurposing these opportunities into a more robust communication platform. Dala collaborated with RETC and its graphics partner to develop a quarterly self-publishing e-newsletter, which yielded even more “mileage” out of these sponsorships dollars and speaking opportunities. 

This integrated marketing tactic has enabled RETC to share its re-energized key messages and thought leadership platform through multiple traditional and non-traditional media vehicles. With the constantly-shrinking world of print media and ongoing battle for editorial space in these traditional outlets, Dala helped RETC realize its goal of finding a vehicle for self-publishing client news. Less traditional media outlets became both strategic and creative ways for RETC to engage clients and prospects in its business-focused news and services.  

The constant flow of editorial content, speaking engagements and other marketing tactics throughout the year has been key to keeping RETC at the forefront of competition when property owners are looking to hire a seasoned property tax consulting firm. This ongoing communication is also helping RETC grow its business within new audiences while reinforcing its messaging with current clients to serve as a reminder that RETC is the “go-to” commercial real estate tax firm.