Public Relations Strategies in Motion

As a results-based, full-service public relations agency in Dallas, Texas, our business success is based on yours. We start with your business plan and then build out a content marketing strategy to match that, step for step. Dala Communications is proud to pair its traditional approach with today’s communication techniques, giving modern motion to traditional ideas of trustworthiness, timeliness and the entrepreneurial spirit. We have the tools, expertise and dedication to then put those strategies into motion, making a difference for your stakeholders and your business.

Success for us means only one thing: Success for you.

Leah Ekmark Williams, APR and Cynthia Pharr Lee, APR, Fellow PRSA

Leah Ekmark Williams, APR and Cynthia Pharr Lee, APR, Fellow PRSA

Our Leadership

Dala Communications is taken from the nickname “Dala,” which refers to the Dalecarlian horse, a cultural symbol of Sweden and the heritage of agency President and CEO Leah Ekmark Williams.

Under Dala’s former name, C. Pharr & Company, the agency had, for decades, established a reputation for helping clients build their businesses by communicating their unique stories. Dala’s predecessor agency was founded by Cynthia Pharr Lee, one of the Southwest’s leading communications experts. Earlier, she spearheaded the growth of three of Dallas’s largest PR agencies, The Richards Group/Pharr Cox Communications, C. Pharr & Company and Tracy-Locke/Pharr.

Leah joined the agency in 2005. Together, she and Cynthia serve a clientele of some of the most respected names in business and have built a team of skilled public relations experts whom have fostered a 20-plus-year legacy of trusting relationships with clients, communities, media and other influencers.